Select Managed Website Plan


This plan is for the more technically minded who wish to develop their own website as safely as possible.  Constant monitoring ensure that your website is always performing at its best and daily backups give you peace of mind in case anything goes wrong.  If anything does go wrong, you are protected by 1 hour of our time each month to resolve any issues regardless of cause.  This time can also be used for making small changes to your website such as adjusting your opening hours, and updating wording or images  You will never need to go searching for professional support or development resources again.  Additional hours can always be purchased at below market rates.


This plan is designed for a hands off approach, where we do the design, implementation & maintenance.  It includes all items from the DIY Plan, plus 10 hours of design / development work to get you started, and an additional hour each month to maintain it.

$49.95 p.m.

$200 $150 – Setup Fee

(25% off setup & first month free)

$89.95 p.m.

$1000 $750 – Setup & Design Fee

(25% off setup & first month free)