What is the easiest way to get a website online in Australia?

That’s simple, just register here at sitenow.com.au. We take care of all the hard work and deliver you a great result, all within a few days. Sign up now.

Do you support e-commerce websites?

Yes, your website comes fully loaded with WooCommerce, payment gateway and coupon support.

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Do I own my website?

Yes, since you pay for the initial setup, you fully own the outcome. You are free to copy or transfer the website to any other hosting provider at any time.

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Is this a lock In contract?

No, there are no lock-in contracts. But it will hurt our feelings if you leave…

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Why is there a setup fee?

To get a web presence, you need a server, domain name, SSL certificate and DNS settings configured. We do these tasks manually, as every customers requirements are different. Other managed services offer lots of options, but you end up doing all the work. We do not want to lock you into contracts, so we do this with a minimal upfront fee.

Can I pay annually?

Yes, and we offer an annual discount of 10%. Choosing this option will ensure you lock in the current low monthly fee for the entire year and also get a discount.

Do I have access to my website back-end?

Yes! When your new website is ready you are provided with login access to your WordPress back-end where you can make new pages, new blog posts, add more content, update images or take entire copies of your site.

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Does your service include email addresses?

Yes, the base service includes setup for up to 5 email accounts. You can access these using the most common email programs, such as Outlook, MacOS Mail and Thunderbird and we offer the most common protocols, being POP3, IMAP and SMTP.

How long does it take to setup a new site?

The managed DIY plan usually takes 24 hours. The managed design plan takes more time and depends on your requirements (usually around 5 days).

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What if I have unique requirements or needs?

We offer a standard set of services designed to support 80% of customers. If your needs go outside of this we can still handle these under the Professional Website Design plan.

If you wish to check on any special requirements before signing up, please contact us.

Can I transfer my existing site and have it managed by your service?

Yes. Please sign-up to the DIY plan to get the process started.