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Why Choose Us?

Developers create your website
Hosting companies provide servers for your website
Neither care if your website is actually up and running right now


We host, monitor, backup and maintain your site for a small monthly fee.
We can even develop your site for a bit extra, right now.

Need eCommerce?

We have you covered. WooCommerce is a popular eCommerce solution included in our base package. We include additional features such as coupons, subscriptions and payment gateway connection as standard.

Want control?

After the initial setup, we give you full access to your website and you can make it your own. Add products, images and content, or install new plugins to extend it. And if you break it, our regular backups ensure we can restore it.

Need security?

All websites are protected behind multiple firewalls, plus Trojan & virus protection software. Site monitoring occurs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In case of any negative event, your investment is fully backed up offsite on a daily basis.

Testing the market?

We allow you to do this with a minimal investment and no lock-in contracts. If things don't work out, you are protected and can cancel at any time. And if at a later stage you wish to take over the management of the website yourself, we will assist you with the transfer.

Need changes?

Not a problem, we include time for minor changes in the monthly plan. And if the changes are more substantial, we offer below market rates for our design & development resources. You can also do the changes yourself through your websites simple back-end interface.

Need SEO?

Your DIY website comes with the latest SEO plugins ready to be configured. If your website is designed by us, it will be configured by our SEO experts, including image alt tags, page titles, descriptions & keywords.

Need speed?

We use Australian premium servers so your website pages are served as quickly as possible. We also do not overload our servers with thousands of clients, ensuring your website gets priority and will never be choked out by others.


Website owners often struggle with complex requirements that are not catered for by existing plugins. Our team includes expert programmers that can work with you to ensure even the most complex customisations become a reality.


If you have an existing WordPress website and wish for us to manage it, sign of up for the DIY plan and we will arrange the transfer to our premium servers. We will also do a health check and any necessary upgrades to bring it up to standard.

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What Clients Say

"There are two reasons why my business will continue to use Site Now's services. Firstly their professionalism, depth and validity of knowledge is exceptional. I am no IT expert and they explain everything perfectly. The web sites (three now) designed and implemented have made an immediate impact on our business. In addition, Site Now has made sure that we were left self-sufficient in order to make changes on these sites with confidence. Second, the value for money is spot on, rates are appropriately aligned, but more importantly, they have a firm understanding of our needs at the center of our work at all times. Site Now has been an excellent partner. I cannot recommend them highly enough."
Troy Taylor
Legends Memorabilia

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